Dean of students organized 1st TIU Book Fair on February 08 – 11, 2021, at Tishk International University’s campus.

Six different publishing houses and bookstores have participated in the fair: Haval, Ashti, Nariman, Irfan, Lalezar, and Cambridge bookstores. Every bookstall was full of various kinds of science fiction, novels, storybooks, children’s books, etc., from different languages. As well, Splat, which is an oral care company, has participated in the fair by distributing their products to those who have bought more than three books so that the readers would be motivated and giving a different color to the fair.

The fair’s goals were to raise the awareness of the reading in the TIU society, providing a platform for interaction and networking among students and lecturers, launch various initiatives including cultural clubs and teams to deepen the traditions of reading, and strengthen mutual trust and communication among different publishing houses.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the attended publishing houses and bookstores.

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