Metabolic Syndrome as a FOE


Metabolic Syndrome as a FOEObesity _ Diabetes _ HypertensionThe Medical Analysis Department of the Faculty of Science at Tishk International University has organized a community project titled "Metabolic Syndrome as a Foe". The purpose of this project is to discuss chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, and raise awareness of these health conditions. Medical Analysis staff and students will visit high schools and perform several medical tests including (Blood Sugar, ABO, and Blood Pressure). The goal of this project was to highlight the benefits of a healthy diet, avoiding sugar, and energy drinks. Further, the project aims to raise awareness [...]

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Hiking Trip


The Deanery of Students organized a tremendous hiking trip to Safin Mountain for all faculties and departments of Tishk International University in which approximately 700 students participated in. The trip took place on Saturday, November 06th, 2021, starting the journey at 8:30 AM. Mountain Climbing has many benefits for climbers; it is s compound exercise that allows climbers to work multiple muscle groups and joints and the same time, improving mobility and promoting strength and fitness. For those who wish to lose weight, mountain climbing is an incredible fat burner, and is also a great way to build perfectly sculpted. Mountain [...]

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