Live Concert by Guitar Club


The Guitar Club of Tishk International University performed an outstanding concert on December 8th, 2021 at the entrance of the main building. The event was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Goran, Guitar club instructor. The concert aimed to promote the guitar club and encourage our new students to engage in any musical and artistic clubs organized by the university by sharing the talent and proficiency of the club members. The concert ensemble included Kurdish and Turkish songs, as well, jazz, and classical. The audience enjoyed the concert and motivated the team to organize more entertaining concerts within the university. On [...]

Live Concert by Guitar Club2021-12-22T11:46:22+03:00

Crime Scene Investigation Workshop


At the request of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, respected Brigade Righteous Dler Ahmad Ako, an expert in the field of evidence of crimes, joined the workshop organized by the Faculty of Law. Mr. Dler Ahmad presented a professional practical lesson about the investigator's duty in the field the procedures of checking the crime scene and collecting evidence artistically. He discussed the methods and techniques the investigator applies so that the court can take advantage of the investigator’s crime scene interpretation. A Q&A session was held between the attendees and Mr. Dler to discuss crime scene investigations and evidence [...]

Crime Scene Investigation Workshop2021-12-22T08:59:44+03:00

3rd National Pharmacy Workshop


One-Day Workshop December 16th, 2021 | 9:00am- 4:00pm THEME: “Particulate Drug Delivery System: Advancement and Opportunities as Potential Drug Carriers”. Goals: The National Pharmacy Workshop (NPW) 2021 aimed to deliver an outstanding program for various types of particulate drug delivery system like nanoparticles, liposome, niosomes, phytosome, ethiosomes, resealed RBCs, carbon particles etc. During the workshop, composition, preparation and application required in order to achieve better and targeted drug release were discussed. Scope of the workshop: This workshop is designed to attract scientific leaders from the following arenas: Particulate drug delivery systems Preparation of particulate drug delivery systems Advancement and opportunities as [...]

3rd National Pharmacy Workshop2022-01-10T19:54:56+03:00
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