Today, March 08, 2021, a delegation of Tishk International University consisting of Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdul Samad, Acting President, Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, Academic Vice President, visited the Kurdistan Parliament.

The TIU representatives were welcomed by Dr. Rewaz Faiq Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament, and Mrs. Muna Kahveci, Secretary of Kurdistan Parliament. The objective for this visit was to congratulate Dr. Faiq, Mrs. Kahveci and all other female parliament members on behalf of TIU on International women’s day.

Dr. Idris Hadi extended his greetings and congratulated Dr. Faiq and all other female members of parliament. He mentioned that women have important roles and responsibilities in various roles in our community. Furthermore, he discussed that Kurdish women play a crucial role in the development process of higher education in the Kurdistan Region, where many talented Kurdish women who are qualified teachers, and lecturers serve and educate the new generations in our universities. This role actively enables women to impact the current and next generations which is a critical role for the future of Kurdistan. Ultimately, the TIU delegation presented a bouquet of flowers to both Dr. Faiq, and Mrs. Kahveci as a form of appreciation and acknowledgement of their significant roles in society.

Dr. Rewaz and Mrs. Muna valued the visit and hoped for persistent support by the TIU Presidency towards women empowerment and women advocacy by the TIU Presidency.

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