In collaboration with the University of Technology/ Baghdad, Tishk International University organized the 3rd International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design under the theme of “Education and Practice in Architecture”, held on the 10th and 11th of November 2021

The opening ceremony was held at the beginning of day 1, in which Dr. Idris Hadi, President of Tishk International University, explained the TIU system, and congratulated the staff of TIU for their hard work and extensive efforts that have shaped the university’s international and national ranking. Dr Idris Hadi also mentioned that the university will continue its campaign to improve the institutions ranking and spoke about TIU’s future plans and development.

The ICAD, two cycle annual conferences, aim to gather researchers, professors, practitioners, educators, students of the Architecture Engineering, and Interior Design Departments at all stages in regional and international universities who are interested in architectural fields. Invitations were sent to all universities in Iraq, regional universities in Syria, UAE, Iran, and other international universities.

The aim of the conference was to disseminate research findings and provide a platform for scholars to debate and exchange ideas about the policies and technological aspects in the field of architecture and interior design.

Every year, ICAD invites reputable keynote speakers, panelists to share their updated work in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design with the researchers, specialists, students, in the field. The keynote speakers invited this year were Dr. Rasem Badran, Dr. Muthana J. Al-Bayaty, Dr. Poorang Piroozfar and Mr. Haider Al Kufaishi.


The conference provided our senior students a chance to establish communication with experienced researchers to discuss their current work as well as to engage in future research topics and new opportunities. Prominent international and national professors attended and participated in the conference.

TIU and UOT would like to thank all prospective presenters for their valuable contributions that brought new perspectives on the identity, tradition and innovation in architecture and interior design of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The contributions of the conference to Kurdistan included the following:

Encouraged people to use sustainable development in architecture and interior design.

The new base of knowledge of the architectural Identity; Tradition and Innovation in Kurdistan has been established.

People informed about the policies and strategies of restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings in Kurdistan

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