On Tuesday, July 06, 2021, within the presence of Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Salahuddin, President of TIU, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, Academic vice president, Mr. Safwan Mawlud, Vice-dean of engineering faculty, Dr. Ezideen Hasso, Head of the mechatronics engineering department, Eng. Hassan Fawaz, representative of  Mid-East Aviation Academy, both Tishk International University and Mid-East Aviation Academy have signed a milestone multiple program agreement.

The agreement stipulates the development of educational, academic programs that contribute to enriching the knowledge and experience of students and supplying the local and international markets with professional competencies through participation in the German Skills Program, which will qualify graduates with university degrees in engineering disciplines, mechatronics, mechanics, electricity, electronics, information technology, and others. Furthermore, to work in the German market, the agreement also provided for the development of a bachelor’s degree program in aircraft maintenance engineering, which combines academic and professional qualifications simultaneously and is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The Director-General of the Middle East Aviation Academy welcomed this partnership by saying: “The role of the Academy is to adopt the German craft program to keep pace with the global technological development in the field of qualification and training and to address the gap of compatibility between the outputs of vocational and technical education and the requirements of the labor market in terms of functional skills in the various industrial production sector and all of us. Therefore, we are proud to have approved the Middle East Academy to implement training and qualification programs that ended with operation according to German standards and model, which is considered the first in the world and the region, in partnership with German Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

Eng. Hassan Obeidat commented on this partnership, “Creating effective partnerships with prestigious universities such as the Tishk International University to implement programs with global accreditation for the curricula and certificates awarded that qualifies the holder to work in international companies around the world is one of the most important main axes of work that we are keen to present at the Middle East Aviation Academy. We believe in the necessity of activating the role of youth, arming them with skills, contributing to their employment, solving the problem of unemployment among them, and supplying global markets with qualified competencies according to internationally competitive standards.

The President of the Tishk International University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad, said: “Our partnership with the Middle East Aviation Academy comes from our belief that leadership and excellence are two main pillars of our strategy, and that the university is very keen always to provide the best in the educational process, based on a sense of responsibility that falls on. It is our responsibility towards our students and to keep pace with the technological development that our university has planned a path for it to advance the educational process in line with the age of knowledge.


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