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A Visit to ASO Ready Mixed Concrete Factory!


On November 21, 2015, a group of students of IT Department under the Faculty of Science  visited ASO Ready Mixed Concrete Factory in Erbil, Massif Road. The field trip was arranged under the supervision of Department Advisor Dr. Zeynel POLAT and Mr. Kadir ELÇİ Research Assistant. The group were invited to the factory by Electrical Engineer Mr. Emin Sıddık. During the visit, the group toured inside the factory; they got introduced with the mechanical and electronic equipment that are used in the cement factory and they were informed about the factory administration system. Following the visit, students and the supervisors lunch together and returned back to [...]

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Clubs’ Introduction Day


Clubs' Introduction Ceremony was organized by the office of clubs and cultural activities, sport and health center of Dean of Students on November 1- 8, 2015. The aim of the day was to introduce the clubs; to register their names for the students. All Tishk International were invited to the event which lasted for a week in two different locations: Main Building and Education Faculty Building. During the organization, the clubs found the opportunity to introduce themselves and to explain their future plans and activities  as well as registering the students as volunteers. The following clubs participated in the ceremony: [one_half] Organization [...]

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A Courtesy Visit to Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs


On 8 November 2015, Tishk International University visited KRG Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs.  President of Tishk International University Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş and Vice President Mr. Umed Aruzery  were warmly welcomed by Mahmood Salih Hama Karim - Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs. The main subject of the meeting was to discuss Tishk International University's scholarships during 2015-2016 Academic Year concerning the Peshmarga, Martyrs and Political Prisoners' Families.     Prepared by Mustafa Aryan & M. Albay

A Courtesy Visit to Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs2020-09-24T16:12:26+03:00

A Courtesy Visit to College of Police


On November 11 2015, Mr. Nurullah Darici Vice General Secretary, Mr. C. TopCU Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Munim Auditing Manager, Mr. Taylan Budur Finance Manager, IT Manager and Mr. Tahsin Yaseen Purchasing Manager visited Erbil Police College. The delegate was warmly welcomed by Major General Dlshad S. Saeed Dean of College of Police. In a sincere atmosphere, Tishk International Delegate was given information about  the College of Police and the both parties agreed for a probable future cooperation between the two institutions. Mustafa Aryan & M. Y.

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Tishk International attended Turkmen National Front Press Seminar


The delegate from Tishk International University participated in TMC Press Seminar on November 09, 2015. Dr. Mehmet Özdemir Vice President and PR & Media Marketing Manager were invited to a seminar prepared under the title of “Demands and the rights of Turkmen in the Kurdistan region of Iraq”. Mr. Aydin Maaruf Parliamentarian gave an introduction about the topic and explained about the aim of the seminar. Afterwards, the participants were given a space to ask their questions and express their opinion about the rights of Turkmen in the region. Mustafa Aryan and Editor.

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