Care Packages Distribution to Cancer Recoverees in Nanakali Hospital

The Department of Computer Engineering launched the Nanakali Community Project to help cancer-stricken children. In light of the staff and resources shortages experienced within Nanakali Hospital, this project aims to provide the hospital with a monthly salary for two nurses.

The Department of Computer Engineering, with the support of the Dean of Students, has organized an event for the cancer recoverees at Nanakali Hospital. With donations made by the department’s students and staff, and the assistance of LC clothing brand and Royal Mall, gifts for 40 children were packaged. The gifts also included toys and customs for entertainment, which were bought by our students in the Al-Suhaib Stationery store.

On the morning of the 16th of December 2021, students headed out to Nanakali hospital, where they met with the children and their families to celebrate their recovery and offer emotional support. Many activities and events were held to uplift their spirit and reignite the spark of joy in their eye.

The Department of Computer Engineering would like to extend its gratitude to all its students and staff for their valuable and continuous contribution in keeping the project on-going.

A donation campaign targeted for hiring a new nurse in the hospital is currently taking place, monthly donations are needed from the students and staff to be able to give a full-year salary to the nurse in aim of providing the children with additional support and care.

For donations or enquiries, please contact Ms. Ghada Alsakkal, or reach out to her by visiting her office #315 in the main building.

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