TIU began using “Unibuddy – Chat with Student” platform during the summer term prior to the academic year 2021-2022. Unibuddy is a digital peer-to-peer communication platform that facilitates conversation between prospective university students and current student ambassadors. The Unibuddy Platform is embedded on TIU website and allows prospective student visitors to chat with current students at the University. Tishk International University assigned 22 students as ambassadors for this purpose.

Since August 2021, the TIU student ambassadors have put great efforts to respond to the questions asked by prospective students regarding the departments, education system, and the registration process. According to the platform statistics, the ambassadors have answered more than 11,000 questions and replied to almost 750 inquirers.

And as a symbolic appreciation for the efforts the ambassadors put through for the past 4 months, TIU invited them to a “Thank You” dinner and were awarded appreciation letters handed by the vice-presidents of the University.

TIU Ambassadors, we are grateful for your devotion and enthusiasm and proud of your contributions and achievements!

TIU ambassadors’ names:

Ms. Amani Baseem Prep School
Firdaus Azad Computer Engineering
Ban Slewa Dentistry
Zhyav Basheer Medical Analysis
Sarmad Jaf Pharmacy
Raman Aziz Biology Education
Shene Ahmad Law
shan haval Interior Design Engineering
Mohammed Ismael Nursing
Taha Kanaan Business Management
Shwaz Hashm Civil Engineering – Sulimani Campus
Zainab Abbas Banking & Finance
Ahmad Nahro International Relations and Diplomacy
Aree Najjar Mechatronics Engineering
Ahmad Haddad Architectural Engineering
Zana Himdad Information Technology
Mohammed Mohsin Accounting
Idrees Salih English Language Teaching
Mohammed Shihab Petroleum and Mining Engineering
Ismail Rostam Civil Engineering
Muhammed Sabah Surveying and Geomatics Engineering
Muhammad Khalid Physics Education
Jabir Ayoub Mathematics Education


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