Closing Ceremony of Training Course

In the presence of the Head of the Board of Trustees at Tishk International University (TIU), Dr Idris Hadi, the President of Erbil Polytechnic University, Prof. Idris Mohammed Tahir Harki, Minister of Construction and Housing Dana Abdulkarim, Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw, and many government officials, the closing ceremony of the training course for engineers at the Ministry of Construction and Housing was held in the meeting hall of the General Directorate of Roads and Reconstruction of Erbil, on December 17th, 2023. 

Dr. Idris Hadi delivered a speech in which he congratulated the supervisors and participants of the course and emphasised how Tishk International University is always ready to work together and assist government institutions in various fields to improve the scientific level and skills of local employees to serve Kurdistan.

During the ceremony, the Minister of Construction and Housing delivered a speech in which he expressed his pleasure to open such courses, thanked the GSRB training course supervisors, and stressed more coordination and cooperation between the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Kurdistan universities. He explained the role and influence of universities in providing technical assistance to engineers supervising projects implemented in the region. 

The course was supervised by both Tishk International University and Erbil Polytechnic University professors and lecturers for three months. The training course, titled The General Specification of Roads and Bridges, was taught by ten professors and instructors from both universities, and seventy engineers of the ministry participated. At the end of the ceremony, graduation certificates were awarded to the engineers and certificates of honour were awarded to the instructors.

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