Community-based Project in Batas High School for Boys/Girls

On Thursday, 11th of August 2022, a team of academic and administrative staff Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education at Tishk International University visited Batas Boys and Girls High school in Harir. The visit, in which Dr Orhan Tug, Head of the Department of Mathematics Education, was to refurbish a classroom as part of the department’s community project. Earlier this year, students and teachers from the school visited Mathematics Education Department on their academic excursion. During this event, we discovered that our department alumna has been working with the school for over four years. This motivated the department to work with this school in its corporate social responsibility efforts. Furthermore, the school qualified for such a project and has been identified as not having sufficient facilities for students to learn.

The department started with refurbishing one classroom, aiming to design a modern classroom that can be used by any student from anywhere in the world. The team that went to the school started very early in the morning by painting the room white and installing a modern smartboard fixed with a computer and a projector. The classroom’s whiteboard was also replaced by an advanced one. Lastly, the classroom was equipped with modern, strong, and more durable chairs and tables enough for 40 students. When the team left in the afternoon, the old classroom transformed into a modern classroom with sample students’ projects hanging on the walls. The department plans to continue implementing this project in the coming years across several institutions.

On behalf of TIU, we would like to thank the Department of Mathematics Education for organising this project. We also sincerely thank the implementing team for their effort and dedication and hope that this inspires both staff and students to help others and contribute to community projects.


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