The Directorate of Safety & Health in Tishk International University invited a special medical team to conduct a PCR test for all academic staff, security, cleaning services, and cafeteria staff.

Due to the rapid increase of cases in the last couple of months in the Kurdistan Region, the Presidency of Tishk International University decided to provide Covid-19 tests to ensure the health and safety of our administrative staff lecturers, and students.

In collaboration with the medical team, TIU organized the campaign on April 12th, 2021, in which most of our staff willingly carried out the test. To avoid crowding and maintain the social distancing guidelines set by health authorities, the team executed the tests between 9:00 AM-11:30 AM. This campaign is not the first and surely will not be last one that TIU will organize; further campaigns will be arranged in the future to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the health of our beloved staff. The tests were not only provided to academic staff and academicians, but included security, catering, and cleaning staff as well. 200 tests were successfully conducted, and although we hoped that all would return negative, 4 members of the security staff tested positive. With the global pandemic persisting for more than a year, security personnel and those serving at access control points have become the first line of defence against the virus, and the service they provide to the world has been unnoticed. On behalf of TIU, we thank them for outstanding bravery and for the security they provide to our institution. We wish them a quick recovery and hope to see them on campus soon.


Here at TIU, the health and safety of our staff and students are a priority, and we will continue to do our best to prohibit the spread of the virus and ensure a safe environment for all. We recommend all students and lecturers to follow and apply the health instructions released by the Ministry of Health, to help the University and this Region overcome this crisis.

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