On February 23, 2020, Dr. Bashir Haddad, Deputy Speaker at the Iraqi Parliament, presented a seminar at Tishk International Univesity for the students and the staff of the university. Organized by the International Relations and Diplomacy Department, the seminar was about the significance of a unified Kurdish front in Baghdad.

Dr. Bashir focused on the importance of unity of the Kurdish fractions in the Iraqi Parliament. He discussed the benefits of having a united and strong Kurdish front in Baghdad and the risks and disadvantages of a disunited Kurdish front. Dr. Bashir then addressed several other relevant issues. The seminar ended with the TIU students having the opportunity to ask some questions about the political situation and developments in Iraq.

Among those present were the President of the University, Dr. Idris Hadi, and several academics and members of staff.  This event was part of a guest-speaker seminar series held by the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy for the benefit of its students.

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