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FACULTY OF EDUCATION BIOILOGY  DEPARTMENT Full-time Academicians Biology education department has  job vacancies for  the following specialties; *The applicant (Lecturer  ) should be able to  teach at least three of the following  courses. **Animal relates courses : 1.General Zoology 2. Systematic Zoology 3. Parasitology 4. Entomology 5. Invertebrates 6. Comparative anatomy of chordate 7. Animal physiology 8. Immunology 9. General Embryology *The applicant (Lecturer ) should be able to  teach at least three of the following  courses. **Plant related courses: 1. General Botany 2. Systematic Botany 3. Plant Anatomy 4. Plant Taxonomy 5. Plant Physiology 6. Plant Growth and Development 7. Ecology -PhD holder [...]

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Edible model competition


Biology departments second grade students  have organized a competition on models that represent plant , animal cells and their contents. On April 30, 2019, each student of the class was asked to prepare a hand craft model of a cell or one of the components. The students showed incredible enthusiasm and desire to participate. The models were shown as an exhibition and activity  in the education faculty. The models were  edible models which students and guests enjoyed eating them at the end. The models checked one by one by the supervisor and students were happy to present them and describe them [...]

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VESAL Organizing Committees


  As we are approaching to hold the 10th Anniversary of VESAL Conference. Therefore, all departments from education faculty eagerly requests their students to help out in organizing the event in the best possible shape. ===NOTE: You will be grated an international certificate for your contribution=== Your Name(as it appears on your passport) Please choose the team that you are interested in Sessions Team (You will be assisting session chairs during the sessions) Media Team (taking photos, posting photos on social media, Interview the participants, etc.) Certificates Team (Registration, typing names, organize and distribute the certificates) Welcome Team (Greet the guests, [...]

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Scientific trip to Salahadin University


A scientific trip was organized by Biology Education Department of Tishk International University. Together, the fourth  students and the staff of the department visited Salahaden University . The visit was on the 27th of March 2019,   we visited the oldest scientific museum in the region which is inside Salahadin University. It contains many old animals and different types of Invertebrate and Vertebrates also many insects which all have been collected in Kurdistan.  

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