Welcome to the Education Faculty of Ishik University, Iraq

 As dean, I am pleased to welcome prospective students and other website visitors including fellow researchers, policy leaders, community members, and loyal alums.

I believe that our Faculty of Education is a very special and distinguished place because it is engaged at the cutting-edge research and teaching.

Teaching and learning is in a technological era and as the world is globalized through education, Education Faculties are playing an important part to improve societies by bringing up well-qualified teachers. The Education Faculty family of Ishik University believes that improving a community is possible by elevating the future generations to the rank of humanity, not by obliterating the bad ones. As a result, Ishik University’s Education Faculty aims to educate the teacher candidates of the future with this philosophy and makes a conscientious effort to serve their society by promoting critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, critical analysis, evaluation skills and problem-solving ability.

Undergraduates are offered a fulfilling and stimulating educational experience with a range of programs that are rigorous yet innovative and offer students a comprehensive education that challenges their young minds.

The Education Faculty’s students also have access to exciting international exchange programs and summer programs taking place in Turkey, Europe and the USA and have opportunities to be enriched through self-discovery and independent learning.

The students of all levels are motivated to be leading people in society and are encouraged against all the negativity of being a teacher by the experienced faculty members who usually guide and enrich the students’ academic path.

The Education Faculty of Ishik University is a very special place because all our faculty members do their best to accomplish the mission of the Faculty. Students are satisfied with the services provided, new learning environments, technology in classrooms and extra-curricular activities.

The Education Faculty enjoys and appreciates the unerring support of alumni, who contribute meaningfully every year to student programs and other activities. Having developed crucial skills during their years with us, our alumni have been most encouraging and supportive of the many innovations in teaching, research and career-preparation programs that are constantly strived for and achieved.

The Faculty believes in harnessing diversity to create a conducive environment for each one of the students to develop their talents to their fullest potential. At the same time, we remain true to our mission, preserving a strong social commitment, seeking ways to contribute to society and the development of the nation.

The faculty welcomes those interested, to discover the rich offerings at the Education Faculty and get involved as active collaborators in imagining and achieving a just society in which the needs of all people are met.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Süleyman Çelik