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Welcome to the Computer Engineering Department at Tishk International University (TIU). The computer engineering department webpage provides enough information about the department, program, courses, and subjects. Our degree suits the needs of the students and many careers available in industries. Our graduates are exceptionally employable and find employment within a variety of sectors and in senior positions inside and outside the country.
Computer Science and Engineering is a fascinating subject, cuts across many areas of modern life–from wearable technology which can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as accessories, communication devices such as mobile, TVs, planes, trains and cars, to gaming, security, and medicine. In near future, all the objects that surround us will be connected to the global network, a new era of computing will start, and we need to raise our expectations to meet new challenges by updating the content of the courses frequently.
Our degrees are recognized by national and international authorities, ZeVA agency accredited our Bachelor program in 2019, which is a valuable indication of good quality that we provide to our students. Global recognition helps students to be more confident about their qualifications.
International experience is an important part of today’s workplace. Hence, Computer  Engineering Department offers different opportunities to study abroad. The latest offering is an exchange program with George Mason University which is a public research university in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Computer Engineering students are being encouraged to pursue internships which are important for a successful entry into the job market after graduation.
Throughout the years, we have been able to develop our partnerships with different companies in the realm of computing in the best way possible in order to make the experience as beneficial and exciting for the intern as well as the host company.
In the end, I hope you find the information on our webpage useful and encourages you to apply to study at Computer Engineering at Tishk International University. As you embark upon your University career, we at Computer Engineering would like to wish you all the best in your future studies.
Safwan Mawlood Hussein, Head of Computer Engineering department

About department

The mission of the Computer Engineering Department at Tishk International University is to develop highly competent professionals, preparing them for entry-level positions in computer engineering, further study in graduate school, life-long learning, and societal leadership.

The main aims Computer Engineering Department are to educate engineers for the purposes specified below:

  1. Providing high quality education through well-designed curricula and modern teaching methods. Improving the students’ skills to enable them to handle the professional and leadership challenges of their careers.
  2.  Coordinating the industry-academia relationships.
  3. Serving community through research, creativity, problem-solving, and application development.
  4.  Providing graduates to take the responsibilities associated with engineering practice, including the professional, societal, and ethical context in which they do their work.

To become a leader in the region in providing a high-quality program for students, computer engineer students who can meet the growing needs of the industry and society, and address new challenges of the era.

  1. To apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  2. To analyze, design, and implement software and hardware solutions
  3. To Identify, interpret and analyze stakeholder needs, establish priorities and goals , constraints and uncertainties of the computer systems( Social, Cultural, legislative forensics, environmental, business etc..)
  4. To apply problem solving, design and decision-making methodologies to develop components, systems and/or processes to meet specified requirements.
  5. To model the structure and behavior of real or virtual systems, components and processes.
  6. To coordinate range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities in addition to exercise of effective communication to arrive at problem and design solutions in team contexts.
  7. To use different methods, techniques, modern tools and skills for engineering practice in real engineering projects.
  8. To have self-organization, self-review, personal development and lifelong learning.
  9. To handle professional and ethical responsibilities.
  10. To explain an engineer’s responsibilities to employee, society and their fellow engineers along with identifying latent ethical problems.
  11. To understand the impact of computer engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  12. To have knowledge of contemporary issues

Future Plans

1. Improvement and development of teaching quality by:

  • Developing and updating the curriculum to meet the requirements and qualifications of European accreditation institutions and associations.
  •  Having a team of qualified and divers department members to enhance our global reputation for the generation of new ideas and transformative discoveries.
  •  Strengthening links with international universities and encouraging students for exchange programs.

2. Student Experience

  • Continue to develop summer training and internships in leading companies in the region.
  •  Encouraging the students to join international competitions .
  • Support our students by strategic efforts to build upon educational, extra- and curricular experiences.

Long-term Plan

  •  Encouraging alumni and volunteers to return and inspire prospective students.
  •  Measure our progress in achieving our mission and vision .
  • Increase staff retention and enhance succession planning within the Faculty .
  • Continues review and development of syllabus to meet the market needs

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