Dr. Khaled Wooral.
+964 – 750 – 347– 8753
Ishik University, Erbil/KRG/IRAQ

Academic Title Lecturer Academic Division Computer Engineering Education Msc. Korea University, Department of Computer Science Education , Seoul, South Korea. Ph.D. International Burch University, Information Technologies Department, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Research Interest

Machine Learning and Data Mining Cancer Research using Microarray Data Bioinformatics and Gene Processing Computer Science Education


Ph.D., International Burch University, Information Technologies Department – 2015, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina. M.Sci, Korea University, Department of Computer Science Education – 2008, Seoul – South Korea. B.S., Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Computer Engineering Department – 2004, İstanbul – Türkiye. High School, İzmir Atatürk Lisesi – 1997, İzmir – Türkiye.

Teaching Interest

Introduction to Algorithms & Programming Computer Programming in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Kivy Data Structures and Algorithms Object Oriented Programming Android Programming Network Programming Database Management Systems Software Engineering Linux Systems


H.Vural, A. Subasi, Microarray gene expression data classification using feature selection and naive Bayes classifier, 2015. H. Vural, A. Subasi, Data mining techniques for classification of microarray gene expression data using gene selection by SVD and Information Gain, 2015. H. Vural, N. Dogru, A. Subasi, Information Security for Sustainable Development, ISSD’09, First International Symposium on Sustainable Development, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2009. Aoki Hiroyuki, Khaled Vural et al. The Activities Connecting between NPR and Programming – Turtle Algorithm with DoLittle – , ISPJ Symposium Series Vol.2007, p.125-130, 2007. Vural, H., Jun, S.J., et al. Using Squeak for Teaching High School Students ‘How Computers Think’, Korea Association of Computer Education, 2006.