Mr. Amir Saadati, Director of Global Education Management Solution (GEMS), and Dr. Tony Degazon. Regional Manager of Middle East, North Africa & Europe, visited Tishk International University on January 08, 2020. They were warmly welcomed and hosted by the chairman of the board of TIU, Dr. Idris Hadi Salih.

GEMS Education is an international education company, based in Dubai, working across the private, public and philanthropic sectors.

The business provides pre-school, primary and secondary education to over 142,000 students from 151 countries, employing over 11,000 education professionals, specialists and staff. Many of GEMS’ private schools operate under local variants of the names GEMS World Academy or GEMS International, and their pre-schools use the name Little GEMS International.

Through its consultancy arm, GEMS Education Solutions, the company works internationally with public and private sector clients on school improvement initiatives.

Dr. Idris Hadi Salih presented a brief introduction about Tishk International University then the delegation had a tour inside the campus. They had a close insight into the facilities and infrastructure of TIU, the delegation was astonished by the tremendous efforts of (TIU) in leading education and science in private sector.

Both sides will initiate the exchange programs of knowledge and information as well as the creation of opportunities for further mutual approaches to promote academic, cultural, and scientific correlations.

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