Under the patronage of the Prime Minister, the Iraqi Society for Statistical Sciences held its second International and fifteenth national scientific conference for statistical applications ICSA2020 in cooperation with Tishk International University (TIU)، Al-Rafidain University College, and the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA in the city of Erbil at Tishk International University on February 12-13, 2020.

The conference was attended by a large number of ministers of the federal government, ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and members of the Kurdistan Parliament.

The conference was opened with a recitation of some verses of the Quran, followed by the Iraqi anthem, Kurdistan anthem, then a minute of silence for the lives of the martyrs of Iraq and Kurdistan.

Dr. Idris Hadi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TIU, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the representative of the Prime Minister represented by His Excellency the Minister of Planning Dr. Nuri al-Dulaimi and the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government His Excellency the Minister of Planning for the Kurdistan Region and also welcomed the guests, the participants and researchers, and praised the efforts of the preparatory committee in preparing this successful conference hoping that it will achieve optimal results in conducting the census of the population that is supposed to behold in November 2020 throughout Iraq. He also pointed to the previous censuses that were conducted in Iraq, whose results used in development plans, and that Iraq had not conducted the comprehensive census since 1987 until now and how this was reflected in the development plans of the country.

It was followed by a speech by the preparatory committee delivered by Dr. Mahdi Mohsen Al-Alaq, where he indicated the importance of conducting a census throughout Iraq and the importance of the developmental indicators for all sectors and using them in setting the country’s strategic plans.

Then, His Excellency Dr. Nuri Al-Dulaimi delivered a speech on behalf of His Excellency, the Prime Minister of the federal government, and stated that the population census is one of the priorities of the Iraqi government. It was followed by a speech by Dr. Dara Rashid, Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Region, addressed his representative of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

She was then followed by the speech of Ms. (Marta Ruedas), the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq. In it, she spoke about the role of the United Nations in Iraq and the close cooperation with the government of Iraq in supporting humanitarian projects and activities. Then it was followed by a speech by the Iraqi Association for Statistical Sciences delivered by Dr. Manaf Yusuf, and later by Dr. Mahmoud Abu Al Shair, Dean of Al-Rafidain University College, as well as Dr. Oluremi Sogunro, Director of the United Nations Population Fund Office in Iraq(UNFPA), in which he explained the agency’s activities in Iraq and its technical support for a procedure a reliable census in Iraq, especially since Iraq has not been conducted census for more than two decades. In the end, Mr. Wadih Al-Handal, the head of the Iraqi Private Bankers League, pointed out the importance of the population census in financial planning.

The themes of the conference were as follows:

  1. Big Data Analysis from the results of the general population census.
  2. Official statistics and e-government.
  3. Statistical theory and process research in decision making.
  4. Statistical methods in analyzing the Iraqi economy.
  5. Sustainable development (indicators and analysis).


The number of papers submitted to the conference was 158 papers from various Arab countries (Egypt, Syria, Algeria …) and from all over Iraq, while 77 papers were accepted to participate in the conference in the axes mentioned above. The research papers will be published in Arabic in the Journal of the Iraqi Society for Statistical Sciences, while the research papers in the English language will be published in journals within the Scopus database at the expense of the conference. The conference lasted for two days, and the participants presented research in addition to special sessions on governance in population census and planning.

In the closing session, I commend the efforts of the preparatory committee for the conference and the official sponsors (the Central Bank of Iraq, the Association of Iraqi Banks and Car Care), as well as the participants and everyone who contributed to the success of this conference, wishing the conference reached its required results.