Mr.Sadiq Mohammed ​

[email protected],iq​

Faculty Representative Email Department representative Email
Administrative Sciences and Economics Mr.Aws Yhya Business and management Mr.Aws Yhya [email protected]
Accounting Mr.Aws Yhya [email protected]
Banking and Finance Mr.Aws Yhya [email protected]
International Relation ( IRD) Mr.Aws Yhya [email protected]
Dentistry Dr.Ranj Jalal Dentistry Dr.Ranj Jalal


ranj[email protected]
pharmacy  Dr.Omji Porwal  [email protected] Pharmacy Dr.Omji Porwal  [email protected]
 Science Ms. Neslihan oztas Medical Analysis Ms. Neslihan oztas [email protected],iq

Dr.Unal Ulker


[email protected] English Language Teaching(ELT) Dr.Unal Ulker [email protected]
Mathematics Dr.Unal Ulker [email protected]
Physics Dr.Unal Ulker [email protected]
Biology Dr.Unal Ulker [email protected]
Engineering and Science Dr.Rand Basil Civil Engineering Mr. Hevar Jamal [email protected]
Architecture Engineering Mr. Hafedh Yahya [email protected]
Computer Engineering Ms. Marwa Awni [email protected]
Interior Design Dr. Hassan Hasson Aldalfi [email protected]
Surveying and Geomatic Mr.Kubad Zeki Ahmed [email protected]
Petroleum and Mining Mr. Kubad Zeki Ahmed [email protected]
Mechatronics Mr. Kubad Zeki Ahmed [email protected]
Information technology(I.T.)
Law Dr. Mustafa Rashed [email protected] Law Dr. Mustafa Rashed [email protected]
Sulemaniyah Representative Mr.Muhammed Anwar Sulemaniyah Representative Mr.Muhammed Anwar [email protected]