International Workshops Held By The IT Department

In cooperation with Philadelphia University – Jordan, the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences held two international workshops: 

1) The Reality of Academic Disciplines in Information Technology 

2) Emerging Trends in Information Technology 

The workshops were held in the presence of Prof. Dr. Idris H. Salih, Head of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdulsamad S. Ahmad, President of TIU, Prof. Mehmet Ozdemir, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Prof. and Dr. Faiq Hussein, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, on 1st and 2nd November 2022 respectively. 

The workshop started with a welcome speech presented by the head of the Department of IT, Mr. Savriddin Khalilov, who invited Dr. Idris H. Salih to welcome guests and attendees. Dr. Idris H. Salih also delivered a brief introduction about Tishk International University and its significant progress in research, publications, academic disciplines, and other scientific and social activities.

Dr. Idris’s speech was followed by that of Dr. Abdulsamad S. Ahmad, President of TIU, who welcomed the guests and audience and presented a speech about the vital role of information technology as it becomes a leading specialization in the future.

Dr. Faiq Hussein, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, started his speech by welcoming the participants and introducing the Faculty of Applied Sciences at TIU and its evolution over the last few years. Dr. Faiq highlighted the faculty is proud to be one of the leading faculties in research at Tishk International University.

International Workshop: The Reality of Academic Disciplines in Information Technology

The workshop consisted of two sessions. The first session was presented by Prof. Dr. Kasim Al-Aubidy, Dean of the Information Technology Faculty and Dean of Quality Assurance at Philadelphia University. He talked about study plans in information technology, differentiated between computer science, information technology, and computer engineering, and how to design a suitable syllabus for each. In addition, Prof. Dr. Kasim listed recent market needs in the IT field and which area of expertise students should focus on for future needs.

The next session was presented by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Baniyounis, the Dean of Engineering and Technology Faculty at the Philadelphia University in Amman-Jordan. Prof. Mohammed discussed the skills students require in IT, explained remote lab accessibility, and presented a brief view of the IoT Lab at Philadelphia University.

Students asked participants different questions, depicted their opinions on presentations, showed great interest in the workshop, and recommended more events related to the market in the IT industry.

International Workshop: Emerging Trends in Information Technology

The first session was presented by Prof. Dr. Omar Daoud, Dean of Academic Research and Graduate Studies at Philadelphia University, Jordan. His presentation was about renewable energy aspects and how it can be the platform on which information technology meets engineering. The next session was presented by Dr. Hala Najwan, a Lecturer in the Department of Information Technology at Tishk International University. She explained the soft skills that IT specialists are required to have, such as communication, writing, and the ability to adapt to changes.

Attending lecturers and students discussed how to cooperate with Philadelphia University and suggested cybersecurity and IoT courses be offered to students in summer school at TIU or Philadelphia University. Students valued the concepts of soft skills that were presented in the second session and asked for more activities that support IT project management.

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