On February 16, 2021, at 11:00 AM, the IT department held a workshop titled ‘IT Education towards Industry (ITETI)’ for IT and Computer Engineering students and staff, presented by Safaa Maan Al-Arif.

The workshop aimed to highlight where new technologies are rapidly developed and introduced, particularly in a fast-developing world. It is very important for people working in the IT field to be aware of this fast development and to remain updated on the innovations. To remain a place for preparing students for industry and improving staff knowledge, Tishk International University introduced experts to staff and students, considering it an effective technique to support the education process. The IT Department is willing to conduct a National Workshop that introduces IT staff and students, to professional programmers who are working in the field and are more practically involved in the IT industry.

The objectives of the workshop are to give IT students an opportunity to meet professional programmers who can guide them in landing a potential career and keep IT staff well-updated about the latest technologies in the industry.

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