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A Visit to Mansoura University, Egypt


On April 11th, 2021, Mr. Abdullah Shaxawan Najmadeen Research Assistant at the Law Department of Tishk International University, and Mr. Hussen Sdiq Othman, TIU Law Graduate,  visited Dr. Sharif Usif Khatir, Dean's Office of the Law Department of Mansoura University, Eygpt, to share a copy of our fifth conference (International Legal Issues Conference) (ILIC) Proceeding and a letter from Dr. Hussain Balisani, Dean of Law at TIU. This was the first step for collaboration and friendship between the two universities. Dr. Sharif Usif Khatir welcomed TIU staff and thankful for the gift they presented him. Both stressed the necessity of further collaboration [...]

A Visit to Mansoura University, Egypt2021-06-24T11:53:11+00:00

International Workshop: Electronic Arbitration As a Mean of Settling International Trade Disputes


The Faculty of Law of Tishk International University organized an online International Workshop titled "Electronic Arbitration As a Mean of Settling International Trade Disputes", held on the 1st of April, 2021. The workshop was presented by Dr. Ramiz Mahdi Mahmood, Lecturer at the University of Gaza/ Palestine, and was attended by academic staff from Iraq and other Arab countries across the world. Dr. Ramiz explained the definitions associated with Electronic Arbitration, mentioning its advantages and disadvantages, and also discussed the most important arbitration centers which specialized in analyzing electronic disputes and the procedures they followed to resolve electronic variance. The presenter further compared [...]

International Workshop: Electronic Arbitration As a Mean of Settling International Trade Disputes2021-06-24T11:53:25+00:00

Honoring The Top First Five Students


On 24 February,2021 Wednesday  Law Department, Tishk International University organized a ceremony for the first top five students on law department . It started with Asst. Prof. Dr. Hussain Balisani the Dean of Law Faculty  speech to congratulate the students for their hardworking and success. then it followed by Mr. Ako Sabah Head of law faculty  who encouraged other students for competing  and not  giving up and try for the next years . In the end of the ceremony all the top students honored by the departments .

Honoring The Top First Five Students2021-06-24T11:55:22+00:00

Visiting Erbil International Equestrian Club


Tishk International University Law Faculty visited Erbil International Equestrian Club on Saturday 20th February 2021. Horse Riding has always been an important sport for centuries; learning horsemanship promotes essential life skills and help develop individuals’ special strengths and balance. Besides the fun and enjoyment gained from this activity, horse riding also helps you maintain your back and chest muscles and provides great means to enhance one’s posture. Since horse riding was a first experience most of the students, all were required to gather around the yard at first to receive a short coaching from the horse trainers. All students were [...]

Visiting Erbil International Equestrian Club2021-06-24T11:55:32+00:00

Football Game


On January 6th, 2021 TIU Law Faculty coordinated a Football Game in the field of Tishk International University, for first-year students. The game was played between two groups: A and B. The players were very exited and played a fair game, portraying great teamwork, collaboration and respect. The game was one by Group A which scored 10 goals in total. The students enjoyed a fun day and great competition.

Football Game2021-04-29T07:15:11+00:00



Tishk International University Law Faculty arranged a breakfast outing for first-year Law students. They enjoyed a great meal in a restaurant outside the University Campus. All students expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the organized occasion, demanding further similar activities more frequently.


Bowling Competition for Law Students


The Law Department of Tishk International University organized an entertainment trip to the bowling centre for first-grade students to allow students to enjoy a day out with their classmates away from the stress of study and a chance for them to get to know each other more. The Department aimed to motivate, entertain and create a relaxing atmosphere for students. Bowling is one of the best extra curricular activities that interests people of all ages. Students were able to show their agility and skills as they competed among themselves; it was very delightful to see our students enjoy their time [...]

Bowling Competition for Law Students2021-07-06T12:57:57+00:00

Visiting Elderly House


on 24th December 2020 Law Department Visited the Elderly House for the second time in this year as always our staff and some volunteered students went there caring bags full of supplies which contain winter clothes and other stuffs, in our visit we discussed with the responsible for the elderly about what they need from us and how we can give a helping hand in our next visit in near future.

Visiting Elderly House2021-04-29T07:20:49+00:00

National workshop


On December 23, Wednesday  Law Department organized national workshop under the tittle of (how to organize Family ) by Dr. Jaafer Gwani it started with the role of family in society and how its important and how it effects everything around us, then discussed problems and issues that leads to family separation and how to solve them by educating our new generation step by step, it ends with Questions and answers between the presenter and the audience  .

National workshop2021-04-29T07:21:04+00:00
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