The Faculty of Law of Tishk International University held a national workshop under the theme of “Corrupt Crimes” on March 2nd, 2021. The seminar was presented by Dr. Imad Fatah, Professor at Salahaddin University.

The workshop discussed financial corruption and how it is condemned under Iraqi Law. The session explained why financial corruption was not classified by Iraqi Law and how Islam defined it. The workshop also underlined the serious damages such crime instigates and the distractions it causes in society. Dr. Imad Fatah further highlighted the responsibility that lies upon executive management and people in power regarding this issue, stating that corruption continues to grow if the people guilty are not charged and are instead exempted from conviction due to their financial or social status. This is not only offensive, but an act of injustice towards those of lesser importance and class in society, and criminal activity cannot be prevented if certain parties never receive the punishments they deserve.

Due to the controversial nature of the workshop, the questions exchanged between the presenter and the attendees were intriguing and various. The presentation was concluded by awarding a certificate of gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the University to Dr. Imad Fatah for his effort and remarkable presentation.