Tishk International University annually performs various social projects for the benefit of the community and TIU students. Amongst these activities, the Medical Analysis Department organized a visit to the Senior Care House in Erbil. The aim of this project was to provide healthcare to senior citizens who are currently living in nursing homes and to offer the elderly residents’ health protection, information, and the regular provision of basic medical examinations. The Medical Analysis team believes this social activity will be beneficial for both parties – experience for volunteers and promoting health awareness for the elderly people.

The project consisted of different activities: presenting a seminar on sanitary education regarding seasonal flu, its effects on health, and its relationship with blood pressure and blood sugar. Influenza (flu) can be serious for everyone – but for adults, age 65 years and older, the risk of flu-related complications and hospitalizations are particularly high. Immune systems decline as we become older, and therefore are at higher risk of serious flu and flu-related complications including pneumonia, that could eventually lead to hospitalization.

The team also arranged a small lunch party with a live music performance for the senior members to enjoy. The event was wrapped up by presenting them with small gifts, prepared by the volunteering students and lecturers, as a token of love and care, and to mark a memorable day.

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