Metabolic Syndrome as a FOE

Obesity _ Diabetes _ Hypertension

The Medical Analysis Department of the Faculty of Science at Tishk International University has organized a community project titled “Metabolic Syndrome as a Foe”. The purpose of this project is to discuss chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, and raise awareness of these health conditions.

Medical Analysis staff and students will visit high schools and perform several medical tests including (Blood Sugar, ABO, and Blood Pressure). The goal of this project was to highlight the benefits of a healthy diet, avoiding sugar, and energy drinks. Further, the project aims to raise awareness within our community of chronic conditions and their symptoms, which is essential for screening and early detection. If the public is aware and understands the disease and its symptoms, they are more likely to take the required action to prevent it and for early diagnosis.

The project has commenced on October 31st and will end on November 30th, 2021.

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