NAYREC 2022 (9th National Young Researchers Conference)

The Faculty of Education at Tishk International University held the annual Young Researcher Conference titled “9th National Young Researchers Conference” on 26th May 2022, sponsored by Korek Telecom.

NAYREC 2022 aimed to connect the Faculty of Education at TIU with national young academicians and researchers to discuss the development of their profession and present their brilliant works.

The NAYREC 2022 conference attracted researchers from several local academic institutions and international academicians.

The presence of the Head of the Board of Trustees, Dr Idris Hadi, President of the Tishk International University, Dr AbdulSamad Salahaddin Ahmed and distinguished guests enriched the conference.

A valuable keynote speech was also presented on a current ideal topic during the event.

After the opening ceremony, the conference sessions were held, starting from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Each session represented a field of education, including Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Computer, and English Language teaching. A closing ceremony followed the sessions.

NAYREC-2022 received 95 abstract submissions from different fields, including Educational Studies, Biological Sciences, Health and Disease, Physics, Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Applied Linguistics, and English Language Teaching.

Scientific committee members of the conference reviewed each abstract submission.

We would like to thank all the active students who contributed to the event’s success. We do look forward to seeing you all at the #NAYREC 2023.

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