On February 25, 2020, the Faculty of law at Tishk International University organized a panel entitled (A Comprehensive Perspective on Drug Prevention in Kurdistan) for all students and academic staff.

The panel presented by Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ameen, Forensic Investigator in Erbil Court, and Lecturer at Bayan University, Dr. Khalid Omer, Lecturer at, Tishk International University, and Mr. Dara Bilal, Director in the directorate of Human Rights. Lecturer at Knowledge University. The panel held in the presence of Dr. Idris Hadi, President of Tishk International University, Dr. Hussein Balisani, Dean of the Faculty of Law, lecturers, and students of the Faculty of Law.

The panel held intending to promote the exchange of information and collaborative approaches to issues related to drug abuse in Kurdistan. As the presenters discussed the Drug Prevention Law project in Kurdistan, they emphasized that such activities continue to be an essential tool for drug regulatory authorities in their efforts to harmonize regulation and improve the safety, policy, and efficacy.

The presenters argued that regulatory authorities are continually faced with new issues, such as the extension of free trade. Besides, the development of healthcare techniques and medicines abuse impose further complex challenges.

Many related issued discussed during the two and half hours of the panel, including the impact of Sharia Law on drug abuse and the roles of human rights committees and their contributions to control such dangerous diseases in Kurdistan.

Finally, recommendations are proposed for action among Universities and related institutions to provide legal solutions.

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