Tishk International University Faculty of Administrative Sciences and EconomicsInternational Relations and Diplomacy organised a workshop on “Peacebuilding approaches in the KRI” January 31st, 2021, at the Faculty of Education, Hall 302.

In this workshop, the aim was to better understand how the KRI has achieved its current level of peace, how we can build on this current base level and then how we can maintain peace once we’ve established it.

The workshop started with a presentation of Dr Idris Hadi Salih Head of Board of Trustees, Dr Abdul Samad Salahuddin Ahmad Tishk International University President, Dr Wasfi Tahir Vice President for the Administration & Financial affairs, Dr Fatih Cura Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, academicians, lecturers, and students.

There was a valuable discussion among the students and the presenters on how to build peace with and for children by weaving resilience through their communities. Peacebuilding contributes to good governance, sustainable and equitable economic development, peace and reconciliation, and civic empowerment and some students shared their comments about peace and support for a World Vision which promotes and listens to children and young people in conflict areas, enabling them to build a peaceful future.

The following are the workshop presenters with their affiliations:

  1. Ms. Anne Blanchflower, Head of International Relations & Diplomacy Department, TIU
  2. Mr. Romeo Hakari, KRG Parliament Member
    Mr. Romeo Hakari was born in Hawdyian, Rwandz and has a bachelor’s degree in English. Mr. Romeo is affiliated to the National Union Coalition and is currently serving his second term as a Member of the Kurdistan Parliament, representing the Christian minority.  In his capacity as an MP, he is the Head of several key committees including Social Affairs, the Protection of Women’s Rights, and Human Rights. In addition to his participation in these humanitarian committees, Mr Romeo is also a member of the Interior, Security and Local Councils’ committee.
  3. Mr. Krmanj Othman, Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Justice
    Mr Krmanj Othman is a Legal Advisor for the Ministry of Justice in the Kurdish Regional Government.  In addition to this Mr. Krmanj conducts extensive research in the areas of Human Rights and International Law.  He attained his master’s degree in Peacekeeping Management from the University of Turin, Italy and has since worked as Researcher or Legal Advisor for a number of international non-governmental organisations such as the International Rescue Committee, ACTED, EPOS, Spark and Emma.

The workshop speakers awarded as the workshop presenters by Dr Idris Hadi Head of Board of Trustees.

The KRI is recognized as being one of the more peaceful areas of the Middle East.  Yet we still see violent events on a regular basis, from domestic violence such as honour killings to anti-government demonstrations and clashes with external armed forces. In this workshop, we aim to better understand how the KRI has achieved its current level of peace, how we can build on this current base level and then how we can maintain peace once we’ve established it. To this end, our workshop presenters will talk us through what we have achieved so far, how we can build peace on a societal level through peace education and suggestions for what we can do to maintain peace in the region.

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics was first established with its Business and Management Department with the establishment of Tishk International University in 2008 and followed by opening 3 additional departments in 2014-2015. Accounting DepartmentBanking and Finance Department, and the International Relations and Diplomacy Department.

Currently, our Faculty is ranked to be the most attractive faculty at Tishk International University containing the highest number of students and this is due to equipping students with the highest standards of knowledge, soft and hard employability skills in order to fill the market gap and make our graduate the best for the nation development and prosperity.

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