Under the supervision of Dr. Aram Mohamad Qadr, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on January 13, 2020, TIU organized an art gallery exhibition under the name of Rwanin for Hunar Salayee Photographer about the rich nature of Kurdistan and its amazing seasons.

The gallery opened at 10:00 am by Dr. Amanj Saeed, representative of the minister of higher education and scientific research,  and president of Tishk International University, Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, he mentioned the importance of such events to raise the awareness of the students.

The exhibition contained 50 photos of the different places of Kurdistan, and they were presented in the entrance of the main building. The distinguished administrative staff of our university was toured around the gallery. Mr. Salayee, told the stories behind each picture, and provided information about the location they were shot.

TIU Staff and Students loved the collection of such works they saw in the exhibition and lots of students turned up to it.

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