Dr. Mario Del Verme, Sport Director at Scholas, and Mr. Manuel Deza, International teacher at Scholas, conducted a series of training workshops in TIU seminar room in the Education Building at 9:30 am on March 3rd, 2021. The motive of the training was to provide TIU with detailed information about Scholas’ goals and their activities.

At the commencement of the training event, Prof. Dr Ahmet Oztas, Director of International Relations Office, welcomed the Scholas representatives, then TIU staff and students and proceeded to make an opening speech. In the first session, Dr. Mario Del Verme, presented in Italian about Scholas’ mission, which essentially focuses on creating a culture of encounter (encouraging people to build relationships with others) and bringing young people together in an education that initiates meaning which intensifies unity over division.

This speech was presented in Italian and was translated to English by Prof. Dr. Qaysar Mehdi, Director of IT unit at TIU. In the second discussion, Mr. Manuel Deza recapitulated Dr. Mario’s lecture in English first and continued to ask the participants to reflect upon the session by means of asking questions. After which, Dr. Mario proceeded to the second segment of his workshop and Scholas activities to help inspire the young generation to develop relationships with people all around the world. 16 male and 10 female students alongside a number of staff attended both training sessions.

The active and dedicated participation of the students to the lectures through inquiry and the sharing of their thoughts, impressed the Scholas representatives. The students also requested that the Scholas trainers carry out more activities in the future in this region, to which the Scholas team responded positively and clarified their intentions regarding potential collaboration with TIU staff, expressing interest towards future relationships between the two firms.

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