Dilshad Hamad

Dilshad Hamad

Dilshad Hamad


Position: Lecturer.

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
Teaching philosophy

I take teaching as a passion not merely as a job. I see education process as a two-way process that is not static but constantly changing. For me, teaching should be tightly related to the real life and education should effectively contribute to making workable knowledge.

Previous positions

Full-time lecturer, TIU

Research interests
  1. Kurdish politics and identity
  2. Middle Eastern politics
  3. Social Policy
  4. Kurds and US foreign policy

7 students for 2018-2019


Khdhir, D. (2019). Citizenship as a form of exclusion: European citizenship, migrants and minorities, ICABEP2019 Conference Proceeding Ramazan, P., Khdhir, D. (2019). Foreign Direct Investment and the Kurdistan Region’s oil industry: economic potentials and emerging challenges, ICABEP2019 Conference Proceeding Khdhir, D. (2018). Safe Havens in Iraq: Marking the End of Non-intervention. ICABEB2018 Conference Processding, available at: https://www.ishik.edu.iq/business/icabep/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/31.pdf

  1. Academic Debate & Critical Thinking
  2. Religion & Politics
  3. International Relations
  4. Culture and Society
  5. Basics of Sociology
  6. Academic Life and Skills
  1. International Organizations
  2. Human Rights
  3. International Relations
  4. Intercultural Communication
  5. International Negotiation and Mediations