Dr. Wasfi Tahir Saalih Kahwachi

Dr. Wasfi Tahir Saalih Kahwachi

Dr. Wasfi Tahir Saalih Kahwachi

Presidency Offices

Position: ASST. PROF.

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
Teaching philosophy
  • My philosophy of education is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential.

I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks, I aim to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to the classroom each day. I believe that I owe it to my students, as well as the community, to bring consistency, diligence, and warmth to my job in the hope that I can ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in the children as well.

Previous positions
    • Vice President of Tishik International University – Erbil (Private University).
    • Statistics Asst. Prof. in Admin. & Econ. College, Salahaddin University.
    • Dean of the College of Administration and Economics, Salahaddin University, since Oct. the 2nd 2010 till 26th November2015.
    • Acting Dean during the delegation of Mr. Dean to Germany 2009.
    • Statistics Department member – College of Administration and Economics, Salahaddin University. 17-06-1989 till now.
    • Head of Statistics Department March 2009, and Oct. 2010.
    • Head of Statistics Department Sept. 2000 – Nov. 2001.
    • Head of Statistics Department Sept. 1993, and Oct. 1996.
    • Head of Computer Unit in the College Oct.1990 - 1996.
    • Working with UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization) in IRAQ – Erbil, as Educational Officer from 1st Nov. 2007 till 1st of Nov. 2009
    • Working with TIJARA – USAID, to implement the project of SME survey that took place in most of the Iraqi governorates, (my responsibility was Erbil, Suly, and Karkuk).
    • Working with UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization) in Erbil – Northern IRAQ(Oil for Food Program), as Educational Officer from 13 Aug. 2001 till Sept. 2003, then as Chief of Operations in North from Sept. 2003 till July 2004, as part time. I left the job because the termination of the program in Northern IRAQ.
    • Educational Officer as part time in TWDO (Third World Development Organization – A Canadian NGO) from July 1993 – Oct. 1993, then from Oct. 1993- July 1995 (The program termination) as the deputy director.
    • An Employee in the General Directorate of Interior Affairs Management in Erbil from 31August 1983 till 09 Jan. 1985.
    • From Sept. 1993 and still as a member of the scientific committee of the department of Statistics.
    • From Sept. 1993 and still as a member of the Higher Education committee of the department of Statistics.
    • Worked in different committees in the University.
    • Working with JHIC (Joint Humanitarian Information Center) part time as Data Analyzer, from March 2004 till May 2005.
    • Working as PMO director in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research from Aug. 2006 till March 2007.
    • RTI as statistical and planning consultant from 1-may-2006 till 1-may-2007 as part time.
    • Working as consultant for Ministry of planning through RTI, 2007.
    • Working as a Statistical consultant in Kurdistan Institute, Erbil 2009 and still.


Research interests
  1. Statistics
  2. Administration
  3. Biostatistics
  4. SPSS, STAT.


  • Using Kriging analysis to predict Oil depth and coordinates in Kurdistan Region (2013).
  • Using PCA and LDA in distinguishing between benign and malignant breast cancer. PhD in Statistics, Rizgar Maghdid Ahmed. (2012).
  • Starting Values in nonlinear regression models with application. MSc. in Statistics, Amira Wali Omer (2010).
  • Using wavelet method to denoise contaminated signals. PhD in Statistics 2010.
  • Distinguishing between Grass, Stone, and Wood texture images using some statistical measurements. Haval Ahmed Abdulrahman MSc in IT. (2010).
  • "Distinguishing between JPEG and GIF image files format. (2007)". Higher Diploma in IT, Kamal Qasim Hasan, Salahaddin University.
  • Principal Components and its loadings with application on the Vocation Education in Erbil. Rizgar Maghdeed Amhed. 2005. M.Sc.
  • Using Box-Jenkins Time series models to forecast for Births in Erbil. Amal Yaseen M.Sc. in Statistics (2005).
  • Using Box-Jenkins Time series models to forecast for the number of Secondary schools graduates in Erbil. Ban Mohammed M.Sc. in Statistics (2005).
  • A comparison study between LTS, LMS and OLS, with application. Parikhan Abdullah Omer. 2005. M.Sc. thesis.
  • Computerizing the Kurdish Language for non-Kurdish natives. Atif Abdullah Farhadi. 2005. M.Sc.
  • Speech coding with LPC analysis. Haval Ahmed Abdulrahman Aqrawi. 2005. Higher Diploma.
  • A comparison study between JPEG and JPEG2000 compression methods. Saeed Rostem Noori. 2005. Higher Diploma.
  • 986 Resolution effect on US Dollar exchange rates using weighted poisson Regression. Hanaw Ahmed Amin. 2004. M.Sc.
  • The reduced monotonic Regression methods with application. Chro Kamil Salih. 2004. M.Sc.
  • Automatic Fingerprint Identification System using Robust Distance. Dilshad Shakir Esmaeil Botani. 2002. M.Sc.
  • Using Robust Estimation to fit gross domestic product model. Tara Ahmed Hassan. 2002. M.Sc.
  • Using simulation to distinguish between NTA and Poisson-Pascal distributions. Bekhal Samad Siddeq. 2002. M.Sc.
  • Using linear programming to fit the best combination to poultry nutrition. Ahmed Adhem Abduljabbar. 2001. M.Sc.
  • Using Box Jenkins models to forecast the water level of DOKAN dam. Nadia Omer Ahmed. 2000. M.Sc.
  • A Comparison study between parametric and non-parametric ANACOVA using simulation. Akhterkhan Saber Hamad. 2000. M.Sc.
  • "Using factor analysis to study the main effects of some nerves system diseases". Huda Qardagh Yalda. 2000. M.Sc.
  • "Using discriminant analysis to identify the main effects of clinical classification of heart diseases". Kurdistan Ibrahim Maolood. 2000. M.Sc.
  • Supervision of several undergraduate statistics forth year student’s graduation projects.
  • DENT/DENT 598 BIOSTATISTICS/ Undergraduate.
  • DENT 597/A Biostatistics (Computer Practice) I/
  • DENT 605/A Biostatistics/ Undergraduate.
  • GEN 503/A Advanced Computer Application and SPSS/ Postgraduate.
  1. DENT/DENT 598 BIOSTATISTICS/ Undergraduate.
  2. DENT 597/A Biostatistics (Computer Practice) I/
  3. DENT 605/A Biostatistics/ Undergraduate.