Hawraman Ali

Hawraman Ali

Hawraman Ali


Position: Lecturer.

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
Teaching philosophy

My philosophy in teaching is based on the 21st century view of teaching with students being the centre of the teaching-learning process. According to this view, my main principle of teaching is to guide, direct and lead my students professionally in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. This will help them to be independent learners and take responsibility for their own learning. For this purpose, I aim to employ the most effective teaching methods and techniques that focus primarily on critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.

I believe in interactive learning by asking my students questions so that they can stay engaged as much as possible.

Previous positions
  1. August 2016- February 2017: Research Fellow in International Politics and National Security, The Middle East Research Institute (MERI), Erbil.
  2. March 2019- Present: Board Member, The American-Kurdish Research Institute.
Research interests
  1. Kurdish Issue in the Middle East
  2. Middle East politics
  3. US Foreign Policy
  4. Self-determination in international law.

I currently supervise 9 undergraduate students with writing their dissertation.




  1. Hawraman Ali, ‘Self-determination for the Kurds?’ (2011) 16(1) Coventry University Law Journal.


  1. Hawraman Ali, ‘Quietly Supporting Oppression: Britain and the Iraqi Kurds (1958-1964)’ (2018) ICABEP2018 <https://www.ishik.edu.iq/business/icabep/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20.pdf>.
  1. Middle East Politics
  2. Contemporary US Foreign Policy
  3. Political History of Iraq
  4. Academic English II.
  1. Middle East Politics
  2. Political History of Iraq
  3. Academic English I
  4. Diplomacy Theory and Practice.