Krishna Navulur

Krishna Navulur

Krishna Navulur

Head of Accounting Department  

Position: Head of Department

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
Teaching philosophy

Teaching philosophy is to improve students in learning the courses that I teach at Ishik University. I trust in giving students responsibility than forcing them to study which improves interest towards the course that I teach. I focus on students’ learning problems and try to find various solutions. I throw challenges to students which builds confidence among them. I try to accept student’s feedback which gives direction to improve my teaching method in an effective manner. I update my knowledge on latest advancements in the chosen subject so that students become competitive in the job market. I relate the practical importance and implications of my course which creates interest among the students. I encourage students to explore various solutions for their study and class related problems and I assist them in attaining their goals. I strive to be fair with any student irrespective gender, region, religion, wealth and intelligence.

My teaching principle is to be respectful with all students by adopting all pedagogical methods in delivering lectures during the academic year without losing the temper.

Previous positions

Assistant Lecturer

Research interests
  1. Human Resource Accounting
  2. Human Capital and financial accounting standards
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PROCEEDINGS:  Anwar, G., Surarchith,

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  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Accounting for Mergers
  3. Acquisitions and Complex structures and Introduction to Accounting

Financial Accounting and Introduction to Accounting