Osman Sahin

Osman Sahin

Osman Sahin

Business and management

Position: Coordinator of Social Activities of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics , Lecturer

Education (PhD, MSc/MA, BSc/BA)
  • 2014-2018: PhD in Business Administration/ International Black Sea University, Georgia.
  • 2010-2012: MA in Management

Fatih University, Istanbul/Turkey.

2002-2006: BA in Engineering/ Hacettepe University, Ankara/ Turkey

Teaching philosophy
My philosophy; To make a difference in people's lives through expert advice, personal empowerment, and compassion. I live and breathe to have a positive impact on my students. I love teaching. My greatest satisfactions come from watching students’ progress and evolve into more learned adults. It's all about building personal empowerment with my students. I constantly innovate in my classroom, develop and enhance course materials and projects, introduce new courses into the curriculum, and advice, counsel, and mentor my students, former students, and alumni. In many ways, however, I feel I am an even better teacher outside the classroom than in it. I have always told my students that my top priority is to help them learn and to value the learning experience. My role is as a facilitator of student learning whose commitment is to empower students by providing a supportive, active, and applied learning environment. While I feel I do an excellent job in the classroom teaching marketing, I feel I frequently do an even better job outside the classroom counseling students about careers, educational opportunities, and life. I have a need and desire to know each individual who comes into my classroom to learn. I need to know if students are having problems, either with the course material or with other concerns that will hinder their educational process. And I need to know when my students are succeeding, so I can share the joy of learning and personal growth that I see in them so often. In each of my classes, I also stress "real world" applicability through textbook selection, in-class examples and discussions, case analyses, experiential exercises, and class projects. I also try to be as accessible to my students as possible, whether through office hours, by telephone (home or office), or electronically. I take my role of professor and adviser very seriously, and the students know I am available to them when they need it.


Previous positions

2013 – 2019: Marketing Lecturer, Tishk University, Erbil/Kurdistan

2002 - 2012: Teacher of Math and English Language, Kabul/ Afghanistan.

2000-2001: Teacher of Math and English Language, Noachian/ Azerbaijan.

January 1997 - July 1999: Teacher of Math and English Language Kokand/ Uzbekistan.

Research interests

Marketing, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviors, Brand Image,



12 Students


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Gen 100-B: Foundation English

BUS 351 International Marketing

Fundamentals of Management MEN 211/A

Gen 100-B: Foundation English

BUS 244 Environmental Management

BUS     Consumer Behaviour

  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry (PHC 211) 
  • Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis (PHC 425) 
  • Medicinal Chemistry IV (PHC 428)
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis (PHC213) 

Gen 100-B: Foundation English