You are about to board on the most intellectually challenging, and the most rewarding, educational experience of your life. The knowledge and skills you achieve over the next four years will form the foundation of your legal career. By joining us as a student at Ishik Law, you can ensure that the establishment you build will support your professional goals, whatever they may be.

Ishik Law is, as it always has been, a comprehensive and welcoming place.

You will find the learning environment at Ishik Law to be challenging, yet uncompetitive. Your classmates will include students from across the Kurdistan cities and around the country. The diversity of the student body’s backgrounds and opinions creates a rich classroom environment. That environment is supported by faculty members who are outstanding lawyers and who are known, in Kurdistan and countryside, as outstanding scholars in their fields. What makes the learning environment at Ishik Law unique; however, are the relationships between the students and the faculty. Unlike the faculty at many law schools, Ishik Law professors are open and accessible to students – and truly committed to teaching, both in and out of the classroom.

You will find the clinical opportunities at Ishik Law are more extensive than at most other law schools. These programs allow you to begin your legal training by prosecuting criminals or representing inmates, serving in a judge’s chambers or providing legal services to the poor. This year, we’re going to establishing the Legislative Clinic or the Public Policy Clinic. You can also participate in crafting legislation through the Legislative Clinic or the Public Policy Clinic. Best of all, you can take advantage of all the educational opportunities at Ishik Law.

With a law degree from Ishik, you become a part of an alumni network that includes graduates practicing in law firms that range in size from over a hundred lawyers in Kurdistan, Iraq. You will find many of our graduates act as corporate counsel, advising business leaders, and as chief executive officers, helping run businesses both large and small. They can be found in law schools, law offices and government buildings in countries. When you complete your legal education and take your own place as a member of the bar — whether your place is in the courtroom, the boardroom or the classroom, on the bench or in the statehouse — Ishik Lawyers will be there to welcome you.

You have been made a wise choice to join Ishik.

Congratulates and good luck all

Dean of Law