2nd National Tishk Pharmaceutical Conference

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University organized the 2nd National Tishk Pharmaceutical Conference (2nd NTPC-2022), held on the 4th and 5th, 2022. The conference, titled Role of Kurdish Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM)“, focused on the role of natural products in the discovery and development of Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM).

Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) comprises knowledge of medicine that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicine. CAM skills and practices are used to diagnose, prevent and eliminate physical, mental, or societal imbalance and rely exclusively on practical experiences and observations handed down from generation to generation. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is surrounded by several mountains and is a rich source of medicinal and aromatic plants. Kurdish traditional diet includes several medicinal plants such as olive, parsley, coriander, turmeric, black cumin, black paper, sesame, clove, cardamom, and cumin. In addition, Kurdistan region, several essential oil containing plants, including rosemary, thymus, pelargonium, rose, chamomile, mentha, lavender and santolina, grow abundantly. Thus, Kurdish medicinal and aromatic plants have a potential role in developing CAM.

The opening ceremony was held on June 4, 2022, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, where Dr Esra Tariq  (Head of Faculty of Pharmacy) delivered the introductory speech. Assistant Professor Dr Abdul Samad Salahuddin (President, Tishk International University, Erbil, Iraq) also delivered a welcoming speech, followed by an opening address by Dr Duran Kala (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy).

Assistant Professor Dr Mohammad Shomali (School of Pharmacy Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan) and Dr Muhammad A. Alkataan (Department of Biochemistry, School Medicine University of Ninevah, Iraq) were the keynote speakers of the conference. The presentations delivered mainly emphasized the role of aromatic and medicinal plants in the management and treatment of diabetes. The scientific sessions proceeded with more than six speakers on both days of the conference, who also discussed the role of Kurdish medicinal plants in the development of Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM).

The conference received 35 abstracts that were published to form an abstract book. After the review process, the top 10 papers were published in peer-reviewed journals.

The conference was attended by 140 participants from several universities in Kurdistan, including Tishk International University, Koya University, Hawler Medical University, Knowledge University and Duhok University.

A poster session was also held on June 4, where researchers from Pharmacy had an opportunity to portray their respective research findings and interact with conference participants. 

The closing ceremony was held on June 5, 2022, and the closing speech was delivered by Dr Esra Tariq Anwer (Head of Department).

On behalf of TIU, we extend our sincere gratitude to the conference organizers and sponsors. We would also like to thank all participants and speakers for contributing to the success of the event. We look forward to the 3rd NTPC in 2023.

The conference was sponsored by Clever Scientific, Black Pearl Company, zanyary poli12 and Bright Way Companies.


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