Quality Assurance
At Tishk International University, under the process of quality assurance several programs are functioning. These include Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA), program and curriculum development, ranking, benchmarking and auditing; processes that uphold the core values of Tishk International University.
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Student Affairs
Tishk International University Registrar’s Office provides various services to our students, faculty, and staff. We strive to provide the most current, up-to-date information and are here to assist you.
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Quality Management System
The QMS Unit has been established to ensure the quality of both the educational and administrational services at Tishk International University through both applying international standards of quality management and the international accreditation criteria and procedure.
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Human Resources
Human Resources office accepts the applications and forwards them to the related departments or units. If acceptance occurs, the office guides the employee for the employment processes.
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Dean of Students
Dean of Students
IT Services
The IT Services department is responsible for providing technology services for faculty staff and students in order to support university’s daily operations, ongoing teaching and learning.
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Tishk International University’s library is opened in the beginning of 2009-2010 educational year. Since then students increasingly take advantage of the library especially during midterm & final exam times for the purpose of studying individually or as a group. Other than exam periods, students usually come to the library to check out a book or for internet access.
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