Scientific and/or Social Activities and Events

The data regarding the social and/or scientific activities/events you have organized must be reported according to the table below. Please fill in separate forms for each different activity. The pdf template of the report can be downloaded from: Reporting Form



You can find the list of the scientific and social activities below. Click on the item in the list for the details:

1- Appreciation letter Ceremony by Architectural Department

2- Sketchup Workshop by the Faculty Engineering

3- Holding a visit to the Syrian Camps and providing some main needs

4- Parent Meeting for Law Department by Dean of Students’ Office

5-  Architectural Seminar by Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture

6- Teachers Day Celebration by Prep. School

7- Cultural and Scientific Seminar by the Architecture Department

8- Food Party by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics

9- Edible Model Competition by Biology Department

10- Welcome party for students by the Faculty of Dentistry 

11- Welcome party for students by the Faculty of Engineering 

12-Field trip Organized by Civil Engineering Department

13- Orientation Event by Prep. School

14- Scientific Excursion by Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics

15- Visiting Student’s Parents by Prep. School

16- A Seminar on Iraq Telecommunication by Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics 

17- Visiting Orphanage by Prep School

18- Day out  Program with the students by Prep. School 

19- Meeting with Students  about Technical Courses Seminar by Biology Department

20- Meeting with Students about Edible Cell Model Competition by Biology Department