7th Career Day of Tishk International University

Tishk International University held the 7th Career Day on May 17th, 2022, on TIU Campus in partnership with Right Jobs. The fair aimed to connect the private sector with job seekers and provide our graduates and students with a chance to meet company owners and exchange ideas.

The career day is also a gateway to work, find summer training and convey ideas to the world of work. Simultaneously,  two internationally wide range panels joined the fair, where students and job seekers had the opportunity to listen to founders, CEOs, and consultants to understand how they built up their careers and what it took them to be in the position they are now.

During the opening ceremony, Mr Kamal Muslim Saeed, Minister of Trade and Industry, Deputy of Erbil Governor, Head of Engineering Union of KRG, Representative of Kurdistan Chambers of Commerce, along with Dr Idris Hadi, Head of Board of Trustees of TIU, Dr Abdul Samad Salahuddin Ahmad, President of TIU, participated in the event to welcome the companies and thank them for joining the career fair.

Our panellists livened up the event further by describing how they got their current positions and titles. They explained how everyone starts from zero, and one must have the patience to reach the top. Reminding our youth of these facts helps them be motivated and dedicate their lives to their visions. Nothing comes easy, as our panellists highlighted in their speeches.

TIU annually organises this event to develop youth’s mindset and retain the lost hope of all. We aim to help students understand the critical roles they play in society and how their determination and innovation are crucial in the development of Kurdistan. TIU seeks to contribute to the community as much as our capacity allows us.

We would like to thank all the companies, NGOs, and sponsors who have participated in the 7th Career Day of TIU. We hope to see you all again in the coming years.


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