Academic promotion is a process whereby academic staff applies for promotion to a higher academic title. The academic staff are encouraged to apply for academic promotion provided that they meet the requirements related to the academic title aimed for.


Why Academic Promotion?

Academic promotion is a way to excel in research and creativity in scientific work. It motivates staff to achieve their academic goals and demonstrate effective academic leadership.


Procedures of Academic Promotion

1) The applicant presents a written request for academic promotion to the head of the related department three months before the required period and attaches all required documents and four copies of his/her papers and/or books. (Use the promotion application form and see the relevant promotion checklist aimed at in pbs/Forms).

2) The head of department will send the request with the same attachments to the Dean and Faculty Scientific Committee within one week after the request is received.

3) Faculty Scientific Committee reaches a conclusion on the applicant’s promotion. If the applicant’s requirements are considered satisfactory, faculty scientific committee sends all documents to Academic Vice President then based on necessity Academic Vice President sends it to related units (such as Quality Assurance and other Units).

4) After necessary feedbacks from related units, fully completed and satisfactory documents will be sent by Academic Vice Presidents to Tishk International University Academic Promotion Committee provided that the documents fulfill the requirements for promotion.

5) Tishk International University Academic Promotion Committee will send final satisfactory documents with proper committee report to Academic Vice President. Then, Academic Vice President will send the documents to the Central Promotion Committee at Ministry of Higher Education with a cover letter.


Information, guideline, forms and checklists are available below: