The Deanery of students at Tishk International University organized an art exhibition for Ms. Nsar Sami, held on October 31st, 2022.

In the presence of Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of Board of Trustees,  Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Salahuddin Ahmad, President of TIU, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, Academic Vice President of TIU, the exhibition was opened at 10:30 AM, inviting all art lovers and viewers to observe and commend the significant creations and artwork of our favorite artist, Ms. Nsar.

The exhibition aimed to present the artwork of the talented Nsar Sami. The paintings consisted of 28 remarkable illustrations of nature and wildlife. On behalf of TIU, we would like to thank Ms. Nsar for her hard work and creativity and hope that her achievements inspire our beloved students to develop great skills in arts and crafts.

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