Bologna Process – Key Elements for Lecturers

Tishk International University is holding a training course titled “Bologna Process – Key Elements for Lecturers”, which provides an in-depth introduction and an update on the Bologna Process. We cordially invite you to attend this important training course.

Bologna reform is key to building the necessary trust for successful learning mobility, cross-border academic cooperation and the mutual recognition of study periods and qualifications earned abroad. Enhancing the quality and relevance of learning and teaching is also a core mission of the Bologna Process.

Objectives of the training course:

  • to understand different aspects of the Bologna Process
  • to learn about ECTS, credits recognition and mobility
  • to increase the level of awareness and knowledge about the European Higher Education Area
  • to discuss internationalization factors

Titles of the training sessions, dates, time, and venues can be found here in the agenda below. 

We very much look forward to seeing you at the training course and hope you would be willing to accept our invitation to this significant event.

Note: Attending the training course is compulsory for academicians holding an Assistant Lecturer academic title and optional for other academic titles holder.

Time: 3:30 PM for all the sessions. 

Venue: Room #302, Education Building, for all the sessions.

  Title Presenter Date
1 Introducing the key elements of Bologna Process – where are we Rasha Alkabbanie 23/10/2022
2 Course and program learning outcomes Dr. Samira Saeed 27/10/2022
3 Important features in PIS system Dr. Ferhat Kahvaci 30/10/2022
4 The quality of publication Dr. Cagri Mart 03/11/2022
5 Student centered learning – teaching methods Dr. kenan kapukaya 06/11/2022
6 Student centered learning – assessment methods Dr. Venera Ulker 10/11/2022
7 Transformative teaching & learning Dr. Tola Faraj 13/11/2022
8 Effective supervisor of the graduation projects and internship Mr. Fayeq Ali 17/11/2022
9 Academic advising and consultation Dr. Azize Kavlu 22/11/2022
10 Student workload and ECTS Rasha Alkabbanie 24/11/2022
11 Life-long learning built on a knowledge-based society Dr. Idris Hadi 27/11/2022
12 The internationalization practices Prof. Dr. Jaafer Hussien + Rasha Alkabbanie 01/12/2022

Bologna Process