Yana Banking Service (YBS) and in collaboration with the Computer Engineering department, has organized a workshop entitled “From University to Corporate” on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Within the participation of Dr. Idris Hadi, head of the board of trustees, and Mr. Hersh Gardi, CEO of YBS. The workshop was presented by Ms. Darsim Bakr, the operation manager at Yana Banking Service and TIU alumni of the IT department.

The workshop aimed to assist the senior year students with their job hunt and help them start planning for their future careers. While the primary responsibility for finding employment is placed on each student, the workshop helped assist graduating students in getting their careers rolling.

The first session started with a welcome speech and a presentation about the university from Dr. Idris Hadi, in which he introduced the academic structure of Tishk International University along with the scientific activities held by the TIU. His speech also included the mission and vision, and the future prospect of Tishk International University.

Dr. Hadi’s speech was followed by a brief presentation from Mr. Hersh Gardi, the CEO of Yana Banking Services, in which he highlighted the importance of the widespread electronic payment services offered by the company and the essential steps needed to forge a path to payment digitization adoption within the government and private sector.

The second session of the workshop was given by Ms. Darsim Bakr, which was fully focused on how to enrich the students’ university experience and how to make the most out of each course taught. Ms. Bakr also highlighted the importance of building strong communication skills and their impact on the workplace, career, productivity, and personal development. Furthermore, some tips and tricks on boosting the graduates’ chances of landing a job after graduation was shared and highlighted.

The workshop was concluded by the certification and plague awarding ceremony by the faculty of Engineering represented by the Dean of the faculty, Dr. Halit Vural, and the Vice-Dean of the faculty, Mr. Safwan Mawlood, to the workshop presenters.

The Computer Engineering department extends its sincere gratitude and appreciation to Yana Banking Service for their remarkable effort to make the workshop a great success and looks forward to strengthening the collaboration and partnership between the two in the nearest future.

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