Publication news and note of Appreciation

With great pleasure, we bring you a good tiding on behalf of the entire International Engineering Conference (IEC-2021) committees’ members for the publication of articles presented in the recently concluded IEC-2021 conference. The conference proceedings were successfully approved and uploaded (on 12-07-2021) into one of the largest and most prestigious digital libraries in the academic world, IEEE Xplore. We sincerely congratulate everyone involved in this sojourn, from the organizers, partners, sponsors down to the authors who made valuable academic contributions.

The IEC 2021 conference was organized by Tishk International University and Erbil Polytechnic University in collaboration with technical partners, IEEE and IEEE Iraq Section, and was held on February 24-25, 2021. The main conference objective is to create a formidable platform for disseminating research findings that enable scholars to present their ideas to the world, debate, and exchange those ideas with their counterparts on the developments in emerging fields and research frontiers in engineering.

IEC 2021 successes from the conception, organization, and hosting show what teamwork of highly experienced professionals can achieve in the space of time. It also portrays the unrelenting effort of Tishk university to propel and project academic excellence to a world-class level and find its rightful place among the top-notch universities around the globe. This will undoubtedly benefit the university and the entire Kurdistan region and its people by putting them on the map for their academic excellence and achievements. Therefore, we wish to encourage and solicit your support by participating actively in our next conference to rip the benefits of such an international event.

On behalf of everyone at the IEC-2021, I wish to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to the dean and vice-dean of faculty of engineering for their invaluable supports and encouragement, the heads of all the departments in the engineering faculty for their passions, and rallying around to see our success. I equally want to appreciate and recognize the moral, logistic and financial supports we received from the Tishk International University and our other partners. We thank you very much, and we hope that we can all work together once again in the future to achieve greater goals.


IEC conference Signing of memorandum of understanding with IEEE

As part of the activities heralding the start of the annual International Engineering Conference (8thIEC), which is jointly organized by the faculty of engineering Tishk International University (TIU) and its counterpart in Erbil Polytechnique University (EPU), today (13-7-2021) a three-tier memorandum of understanding (MoU) were signed between the parties involved at the office of TIU academic vice president. In attendance during the gathering was the TIU vice president Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Özdemir, vice dean faculty of engineering TIU, Mr. Safwan Mawlud, IEEE Iraq section chair, Mrs. Sabiha F. Jawad, representative of the EPU Asst. Prof. Dr. Ganjeena Koshnaw and the immediate past chair of the IEC-2021 conference Dr. Abubakar M. Ashir.

The event started with signing the joint sponsorship documents between the EPU and TIU representatives. Both universities agreed to work as equal partners with shared responsibilities in making resources and manpower available to ensure the conference’s success for the overall benefits of the conference Kurdistan Region and beyond. While signing the document, both Mr. Safwan and Dr. Ganjeena expressed their satisfaction with the level of coordination, collaboration, and mutual respect that exists between the two universities. Furthermore, they promised even to do more to strengthen their ties.

On the other hand, the second and third MoUs were signed between the organizers, IEEE and IEEE Iraq Section. The documents contain a commitment by the IEEE to provide technical support and a platform through which articles and academic presentations in the conference are published in one of the largest and most credible online digital libraries, IEEE Xplore, subject to compliance with the technical and ethical guidelines of the organization. In her response, IEEE Iraq section chair Mrs. Sabiha expressed its organization satisfaction and that of the IEEE global body over the professionality and proficiency exhibited by both TIU and EPU organizing committees in the previous conferences, most especially the recent one concluded on 24-24 February 2021. She further expressed her confidence in the organizers and promised to do their part in providing technical support and publicity amongst its organization members and beyond to encourage participation in the upcoming conference, which is agreed to be held on 23-24 February 2022. Dr. Özdemir signed the documents on behalf of TIU, Dr. Ganjeena on behalf of EPU, and Mrs. Sabiha as the representative of IEEE.

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