Tishk International University (TIU) for 3rd year held an excellent opportunity for the 12th-grade high school students on February 18-19-20, 2020, to visit TIU. This event annually organized under the name of “Visit Your Future.”

Before the date of the event we, as TIU personally with the help of our devoted staff, visited nearly all schools around Erbil city to invite 12th-grade students to our university. This event aimed to see university life firsthand, which includes classrooms, labs, cafeteria, library, club room, court mood, etc. walk around the university, listening to our guide to what their intuition tells them about how it would suit their personal and academic goals.

First, we registered each of the students, provided them with a stationary to take notes, followed by giving a guide to each group of 15 to 20 students to take a tour through our campus, there is a remarkable point we want to emphasize that each department prepared a booth concerning their interest of the department itself. Lastly, we presented a seminar for each group of the students, listened to their suggestions, and answered their questions.

About 900 students visited TIU during these three days. On the last day of the program as a motivation for next generation, we have arranged a lottery process. Six students’ names were drawn between the registered students. The gifts were three tablets and three smartwatches.

TIU feels proud and happy to be a place in which students believe in and sincerely want to appreciate and thanks to all directors, teachers, and administrations of the high schools which they have the concern to their students for their future and career. We promise to all the students that TIU is a place where you look for, and your future will be in here

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